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The Skirted Roundtable – Week Two




    We’re back!  Check out the latest meeting of The Skirted Roundtable where this week we are discussing blog topics:   where our topics come from, what we blog about, what we won’t blog about, and what we’re sorry we ever did blog about!  In the Interior Design roundtable, we are discussing trends, specifically – busts, coral, trims, etc.  


    To hear the show, follow this link to the Skirted Roundtable blog.  Click Here.


    As always, thank you so much for listening!  Linda, Megan and I are having so much fun doing the Skirted Roundtable – we hope you have as much fun listening!!!  Each week we will be doing two shows, one on Blogging and the other on Interior Design.    Each topic will be held to a 15 minute limit (hopefully – though this week we talked for almost 30 minutes and had to edit it down!) 

    As of today – all four topics are now online!

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The Skirted Roundtable – Week Two

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